The CountrySide Connect.

Here at CountrySide Property Group we love making your investments an easy experience thats why we have started the CountrySide Connect. Please read below on how it works.

Sick of having multiple agents managing your properties and it being confusing as to who to ring for each property? At CountrySide Property Group, we are now offering the CountrySide Connect, where you are able to bring any investment properties you may have throughout NSW over to have only 1 agent taking care of all properties.

We Guarantee that we will beat your current property mangagement fee giving you that piece of mind your maximising your investment. Conditions Apply*

How CountrySide Connect Works.


It does not matter if you have properties scattered throughout NSW, we are able to make your investments more hassle free by having 1 real estate, 1 team & 1 agent across all properties.

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Over the years, we have found many clients wish to have all their properties managed through the one agent and at CountrySide Property Group we are able to give our clients this fantastic opportunity. We have had excellent feedback about this service and would like to be able to offer it to as many Landlords as possible.



We come to an agreed management fee (depending on area and amount of properties, the more properties you bring to our office, the more you save!). There is no hidden travel charges, we DO NOT charge for travel, this is included in your management fee. 

All of our inspections are still carried out in person whether they are an open homes/private inspections, routine inspections and ingoing condition reports, just like normal! Our lease signings are also done in person with the tenants as well as the handover of keys. Applications are done either in person or online. When meeting with our landlords, we cater to your request, whether this is meeting in person, over the phone or zoom calls. We like to have It this was as we do not have a set office, meaning we are able to be more flexible for our clients & customers.

Inspections & Documents


We have local trusted trades people in most areas, if we need a new one, we look thoroughly into their workmanship and have certain requests for them, ie: before and after photos of repairs or work carried out. If the property is vacant, we are able to have a secured lockbox set up for keys, should repairs need to be carried out inside.

ONLY HAVE THE 1 INVESTMENT? Not to worry! All of the above will still benefit you as well!

Contact us today to speak to our friendly staff to take advantage of this great feature we have to offer.