First Impressions Are Everything!


The first thing a potential buyer will see when they arrive at your home is your lawns and gardens looking well presented.  It is always a good idea to remove any garden rubbish, keep paths clear and put any toys equipment or tools away.

During inspections it is a great idea to keep your home neat and tidy. The home should create an inviting atmosphere, fresh flowers, plants and bright photos or paintings always brighten up a home. It can be all about the presentation of your home, and how it will make the potential buyer feel when they walk into it.


Listing The Property For Sale

Once you are ready for the property to go on the market for sale, it is time to take the photos! We do recommend having professional photos done, as these will highlight your property in the best way.

We also need to have the draft contract of sale from your solicitor/conveyancer, BEFORE we are able to market the property for sale.


Accepting An Offer


When a purchaser has decided that your property is for them, we will ask them to put their offer of purchase in writing so that we may pass it along to you.

You may agree to the price, reject it, or put in a counter offer on the price, if the price was only a bit to low.

Once a price is agreed upon, our office will draw up a sales advice and send that to both your solicitor/conveyancer and the purchaser solicitor/conveyancer, to start the exchange of contracts process.



Before settlement your solicitor will make sure that all the paperwork  with respect to the property is completed and your bank will complete the necessary financial paperwork.

You will also be instructed to complete a pre settlement inspection with our office and the purchaser to ensure all is well with the property before settlement happens.

On settlement your solicitor will exchange with the purchasers solicitor:

  • Monies

  • Transfer documentation

  • Order on the agent


Once the above has been completed, we will arrange for the keys to be picked up from yourself at the property for your settlement!



Minor repairs can make a big difference to the look and appeal of a home. These may only be minor, however once completed , a purchaser will not look at them as “something they need to do”. These could be things such as peeling paint, loose doorknobs, doors or windows that stick or even aged/ripped flyscreens.


During An Inspection


It is important to make sure that potential purchasers are comfortable when walking into your home. This could be as simple as making sure all the curtains or blinds are open, allowing for the sun light to come brighten rooms, or using the air conditioner on hot and cold days, or even just leaving the windows open for the breeze to flow through the home. Also it is a good idea to avoid having to many people in the home during an inspection, as well as making sure any pets are either outside or put in another room whilst the inspection is being carried out.


Payment of the deposit


Once all parties have signed the contract the purchaser will be asked to pay a deposit to secure the property. This usually equates to 10% of the purchase price, unless agreed otherwise by both parties. The deposit is held by our office in our trust account until settlement. Once settlement occurs, we will release the balance of the deposit to your nominate bank account.